Keep in mind that our general rules apply to all our servers and platforms.


1.1: Do not pretend to be an Administrator or Moderator at any time.

Never ask to be an Admin or Mod, we chose our Administrators and Moderators.

1.2: Always listen to Moderators and Administrators.

Members and users must listen to what admins have to say. Admins maintain the website, coordinate events and are responsible for supervising. They provide information to members if needed. Admins ensure events proceed smoothly and therefore please respect what our admins have to say.

1.3. Be nice and respectful towards each other.

Any use of foul language either in text chat in game, TeamSpeak or forum is considered punishable.

1.4: Do not use inappropriate usernames.

For example name of leaders, politicians, Donald Trump, swear words, same username as somebody else, usernames with a lot of symbols or similar.

1.5: Do not spam in any way.

Spamming our members, on servers or on our forum is considered disrespectful.

1.6: Affected by alcohol or drugs.

Never stay on our servers or platforms when you are affected by drugs or similar.

1.7: Advertisement.

You are not allowed to advertise other servers or similar when you are on our platforms. We look closely at this and do not assign warnings.

1.8: VAC or other Anti cheats

If you as a member get VAC banned your membership might get suspended or being punished by not being able to play or join certain servers.

Keep in mind that our general rules apply to all our servers and platforms.

2.1: No trolling.

Screaming, voice changer, being annoying, spam poke, channel hopping, or similar. Inappropriate disconnect messages, usernames and avatars is also not allowed and considered trolling (Porn, leaders or similar).

2.2: Soundboard.

Using soundboard is ok if it isn’t for trolling purpose.

2.3: Recording.

Do not record without permission from everyone in the channel (recording to prove rule breaking is okay).

2.4: AFK.

Please use the AFK channel when you are not at the computer.


2.5: Music

The channel “Music” is for the official music bot ONLY. No other music is allowed there.

Keep in mind that our general rules apply to all our servers and platforms.

To obtain smooth gameplay, players are expected to follow orders and plans. We want to have fun and relaxed gameplay. Any kind of arguing and acting against rules is punishable. Note the difference between discussion and arguing. Being mentally mature is one of the requirements for leaders too. Even leaders have to follow rules and orders from above. Jaeger Company is not build on rules but rules support keeping the realism when it comes to gameplay.

3.1: Be thoughtful towards other players.

Jager Company expects mature behavior from all its members. Humour is important but all unnecessary nonsense such as: useless shooting in the air, throwing grenades and radio misuse is not welcome and is strictly banned from members of this unit. If you need to test weapons do it outside of mission servers. This unit focuses on realism and acting in a manner mentioned kills immersion from others.

3.2: Monitor possible misusers.

Leaders shall report any misuse of rules in their patrol, squad, fireteam or platoon to Admins or Moderators. Reported misuse from leader to Admin ensure that leader is not punished from letting misuse to occur. Also, members can report if they see leaders who misuse or abuse rules. Remember, this is a realism unit, not milsim.

3.3: Do not abuse game glitches or bugs.

This kills immersion for other players.

3.4: Do not use hacks or scripts.

We have zero tolerance for hackers or other abusing tools. This ruins the experience for other players and is also not okay according to Bohemia’s guidelines.

3.5: No metagaming.

Play fair and have fun with your mates. All communication on our Arma 3 unit server must be done via UNS TeamSpeak server. Do not use other communication software or text chats in-game to give information to others. Text chat is only to be used if you have technical problems.

3.6: Follow strategy and tactics.

Highest ranking players in leadership roles are the ones who decide how the mission is executed. Follow thier plans.

3.7: Roles define authority.

High ranking players who play in roles like a fireteam members do not have authority in the fireteam, the fireteam leader has authority even if lower rank. Authority is given to specific roles that can be achieved with higher rank.

3.8: Do not use enemy assets.

Do not take enemy equipment or assets. It kills the immersion, especially if you take something that requires special training.

3.9: Events.

Event hosts and admins choose the roles for players. There is no guarantee that you will get your desired role in the event application.

Keep in mind that our general rules apply to all our servers and platforms.

4.1: No griefing

Random pillars or signs for example.

4.2: No trolling.

4.3: No hacking

Mods is also considered cheating. Optifine and similar is okay.

4.4: No spamming.

4.6: No stealing.

4.8. Buildings

Build your house 2 blocks away from roads. Put your name on your buildings and do not build in spawn/town area unless you’re allowed to.

4.9: Replant trees.