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11th January 2019 12:10  

Date will be decided when both teams are close to finishing their ship. List of mods, rules and teams for the event:

Let's start of with stating the teams:

  • Team 1:
    • Adde
    • Kristof
    • Max
    • Kyknos
    • +Anyone who wants to participate
  • Team 2:
    • Mad
    • Putin
    • Uburu
    • Maissi
    • (Jesse if he is available)

Rules for the event include weapon limits and game mechanical settings:

If it looks like one of the teams cannot finish or start building a ship, downloading a ship from workshop is also allowed. Downloaded ship needs to be checked and modded so that it is allowed and fills all the set rules. This applies also for smaller ships.

  1. 1 mothership for each team.
  2. Unlimited amount of smaller ships spawned behind the mothership. 
  3. Ship design must be practical, we play 1st person in the event.
  4. 3 MWI Main Battleship Cannon Mk3 per mothership.
  5. 14 Gatling guns/rocket launchers, max 14 including both.
  6. Rocket pods and other direct fire weapons max 12.
  7. Interior weapons max 6.
  8. Other weapons allowed: gravity guns, guided missiles.
  9. Fighters can have only 4 weapons installed.
  10. Gravity drive allowed for the mothership.
  11. No op scripts, only ship status scripts allowed.

There are two possible ways to declare winner (can be discussed other alternatives in the event or before): 

  1. Mothership that is unable to continue battle loses
  2. Mother ship has medical bay (respawn) that needs to be destroyed AND/OR bridge that needs to be destroyed. This way the last battle will include possible boarding to enemy ship.

Mods list:

  1. Reworked Armor Ramps Mod
  2. MWI Main Battleship Cannon Mk3
  3. Industrial Thruster Sage
  4. Midspace's Ship Speed Unlimited mod
  5. S- Modular Thrusters

Happy building! 😀

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