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How to contest a ban
For a complaint about a ban to be valid, you must have all the points below included. If there is any point that can not be answered, then you put a question mark in response instead. Once you have taken a look at the Template and the Example, you have to do a new topic under the subforum "Contest a ban" by pressing the Ask a Question button.

If you have been banned from the forum, you can write an email to contact@unitedsurvivors.org. You should still use the Template.


  1. What server/platform were you banned from?
  2. Who banned you?
  3. How long ban did you get?
  4. What reason was given? Only insert the given message, do not explain it with your own words.
  5. Why should the ban be removed?


  1. Teamspeak
  2. Dasha
  3. 2 days
  4. (1.2: Always listen to Moderators and Administrators.)
  5. He said that I should leave the Teamspeak and I did not get a chance to leave!
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