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31st March 2019 00:29  

Hello guys!

As usual, we want to gather some feedback from the 30.3 event. It was the first three-way event and we hope you enjoyed. Feel free to give any feedback here and what do you think should be improved? 

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31st March 2019 11:03  

The perspective of a MachineGunner

First Mission(New Dawn):

  • I liked my loadout i had plenty of ammo, basic medical stuff, good scoope for the weapon etc...
  • I liked the idea of mixed squads and i think it worked out pretty well.
  • The radio hierarchy worked was good too i think.
  • The server was stable all game long(except the crash at the start)
  • The balance was perfect between BLUEFOR and OPFOR there was enough enemy to make our life hard but you guys hit the sweetspot to not to make it incredibly hard.
  • Maybe for the next event you guys could add some APCs for us and it would open the gate for some armor combat too.

Second Mission(Railway station)

  • To be honest i liked the first one more.
  • I liked the map it was realy cool and it opened the gate for some urban combat
  • i missed the scopes for the weapons.
  • for the pkp there was not enough ammo
  • it was a bit long for a second mission in my opinion and sadly i couldnt stay till the end.

Thats all.

Stream link for further investigation:


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31st March 2019 11:19  

Overall a BIG success in my opinion! Minor technical issues, little set backs didn't really affect the event itself and everything went quite smoothly. I only got couple things I want to address:

  1. In the first mission squad briefings and everything else took roughly 30 minutes... Mission was ready in 10 mins. What took so long? Was it because some people had problems to join the game? In the future events to come, I don't want people waiting for others if they have technical issues. There was sufficient amount of time for testing before the event.
  2. Radios in the second mission: 152 was literally useless and 117F was not any better. Mortar team had to move very close to the AO to even get touch with the FO. Not sure if it was ACRE2 or Ruha which was at fault but in any case radios must be tested in the future. We were only 500 meters behind the FO in our first position where we could get contact with him... "long range" radio was in use at the time. In a terrain which is almost completely flat and half forest half fields, radio such as 117F should work perfectly. 

    Those are the two things I felt that need improving. Other than that I really enjoyed the whole event and the missions! 

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5th April 2019 10:51  

I really liked this event 🙂 I didnt really think that there was anything in particular that was a major flaw, or any major problems.

1. I really enjoyed that we got the squads mixed up this time. I met a lot of new people that I dont mind playing with again at any time. Being under lead from new people was also exciting.

2. Im glad that there was this amount of medics this time in the first mission. If there was fewer there would've been too little, if there was more, there would've been too many. 

3. Both the first and second mission was in fitting times, and had a fitting amount of playtime. I hope to see more from the first misison's campaign in our continued takeover of the island 🙂

4. I feel like we missed the CAS a bit in the first mission in the start, but obviously they had to deal with their own stuff.

5. I would've liked more stuff to blow up in the first mission, we did after all still have 8 demolition-blocks left

All in all, very good, would come play again 🙂

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