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2.3 UNS - ETR Joint Event Feedback  


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3rd March 2019 00:24  


This is the feedback site. Post here everything you thought about the missions, mods, game play and event itself, anything pretty much you'd like to say about it. I will gather all feedback and make a document of it and we will use it for our next joint event. Also, if there was some information you didn't find easily enough before the event, post it here. 


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3rd March 2019 00:28  
  1. As PL, I think we should have had separate command channel where all PLs and Zeus is. There was a lot of unnecessary chatter for me to register all of it and find the important messages. 
  2. In the future, 2 short-medium missions. This one was way too long and nobody seemed to have energy to see it through.

    Feedback from Cheers "Niklas":
    first: the medical issues where a pain in the ass 
    second: to much long range combat for my taste (the weapon was not fit for that)
    third: they need to organize the radios better

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3rd March 2019 09:13  

1. I would have loved more enemies to shoot at, or get attacked by enemies at some point instead of only attacking from longrange. It became very irretating to almost only shoot at targets very long away.

2. I missed that we didn't have enhanced movement. I felt limited to some extend to movement in the urban environment. As for example when at a wall and taking fire from an angle the wall is not protecting in, you have to run all the way around the wall instead of climbing over it.

3. I really missed that we didn't have the mod ShackTac User Interface. It was very hard to keep track of where the rest of your squad was when you were walking in the front. It would also have allowed us to see how far each fireteam member was apart from each other, and helped us with moving in formations.

4.  I liked both the first and second mission a lot, but second mission was too long.

5. Maybe next time we mix the squads up with UNS and ETR, or we play closer together. It could feel like we were doing two seperate missions in two different AO's. My recommendation is that we mix the squads up with members from both groups, since this is after all a Joint Event. (We can all speak english, so no problems there)

6. Next time having squad comms so its Fireteam members to Fireteam Leader to Squad Leader to Platoon Leader, and not Fireteam members, fireteam leader, squad leader and Platoon leader all talk together in one channel. This doesnt mean we shouldn't all have a channel we can talk on (fireteam leaders and squad leader channel for example), but to have it on second channel and not additional channel. This could also help on unnecessary chatter. 

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3rd March 2019 10:40  

Here's my feedback about the event. Even though this might seem a little negative in tone, the event as a whole was great fun and the Brits were fun to play with and very welcoming. I would be interested in future Joint Events with them.


- Not sure if it is really reasonable to stall the whole mission for 30 minutes just to wait on 1-3 guys to join. If they can't join on time, their fault.

- The original plan with the server opening 30 minutes prior to the mission start is completely insufficient. The server should be open with the mission ready to go at least 3 hours prior to start, and ideally on the previous day.

- ACRE > TFAR. STHud would be nice to have too.


- In almost 3k hours of Arma, the first phase of the mission was some of the greatest Arma I've ever played, good fun. Acting as the lead element of the whole convoy was very exciting. No IED's though?!

- The second phase started well, but ended up taking way too long.  Not sure if the Brits realised that it was 2am in Finland when the mission finally wrapped up. I'm guessing it wasn't meant to be so long originally, but still. I don't really mind the 2am part that much, but having just played for 5 hours straight it starts to get to you.

- A 10-minute break in 5 hours of gametime is not sufficient. Lots of people were starting to lose their focus at the end of the mission, myself included.

- In the future, 1-2 shorter missions would be preferable. If the Brits want to do a single larger mission that's fine, but it can't be 5 hours long.

- Not sure why the entire platoon was broken into two parts in the second phase, would've liked to see ETR and UNS working towards a common goal.

- Having two platoon leaders added unnecessary bloat to the command structure. In the future I would like to see just a single platoon leader + platoon sergeant.

- The platoon "briefing" didn't feel like a briefing at all. I wasn't briefed on really anything there. I was expecting something more along the lines of "Okay Bravo Squad, here's what you're going to do:". I guess all the other squad leaders were briefed prior to the actual platoon briefing, like I was. However, the plan was crystal-clear to me.

- Advanced Medical is more fun to play with than Basic, but I would add the splint mod and turn advanced wounds off for a more streamlined experience.


- I think most of the convoy stuff went extremely well. The order of march was maintained, AFAIK, the entire time. 

- Looking at the Zeus VOD, the convoy was a little sluggish to return fire at times, IMO.

- Dismounted infantry should've been used more often, for example to clear the buildings after CP2 and the hilly ares near CP1. I did suggest this to the platoon leaders during the mission, but I don't think this ever came to fruition.

- Communication was a little strange in the long-range net. I never heard anything from Alpha SL, the Zeus was talking there too and Zulu and Easy companies were also talking to each other. Not that it really mattered for me, since I only had 3 guys in my "squad", so comms were simple for us.

- Almost the entire second phase was fought without a clear picture of what the objective was and what were we trying to do there. Planning was almost non-existent and rushed. This greatly contributed to a lot of people losing their focus at the end of the mission. Still not entirely clear why the bridge objective was abandoned. Some sort of friendly fire incident?? Once again, we were given no information whatsoever about this. The PL said all of the sudden "fall back", and that was it. 

Might edit this for more.

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3rd March 2019 13:45  

From the perspective of a simple MG player.

-Convoy part was good. I realy enjoyed that. But there was not enough ammo for the M2-s. 

-Radio hierarchy was one hell of a clusterfuck. We need to implement some kind of command chain like in the events with PASE/our saturday events

-Second Phase was a bit of a mass confusion. Its still a mistery for me what was our goal.

-I think for a mission this long we should have at least 3 minimum 5 min break.

-COMBAT MEDICS there was 2 medic if i remember correctly. I think we would have needed like 4.

-Overall it was a good expericence but at the end i lost all of my focus and i got angry because my guy(ingame character) couldnt run 5 meters without getting exhausted. I dropped my backpack and got 1 mag of ammo but still i was slow af.

-Verdict: It was one hell of a good experience with some minor flaws but im looking forward to the next joint event.

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