Joint Ops event 09/...

Joint Ops event 09/02/2019  


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06/02/2019 8:09 am  

Attention Arma 3 members!

We are having another joint event with Pase, the ninth of february. This time, sign up by clicking on Joint event 2.0 under Upcoming events. Fill in the spaces in the sign-up, according to what it says. This time you have to join the teamspeak 18:30 UTC +1 so we are sure who is here, and we can help you all with setting up the mods if you havent done it already. Also, be sure that you set up the mods at earliest 18:00 UTC +1, and come to ask for the Arma 3 admin team's help at latest 18:30 UTC +1.

Also, be sure to read the document listed under, and read it multiple times throughout the week until the ninth, to see the updates of what is going to happen.
Ask any questions you might have down below in the comment section, ask on teamspeak or contact any of the Arma 3 unit admins or moderators on steam in a private message.

Yours sincerely, Jace   

Ps. The post was in Arma 3 training before, I meant to put it here

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