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Mr. Fox
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4th February 2019 15:17  

This isn't a game event, but it's possible to play some games after.  This might take up to two hours. We will film 5 clips. 2 breaching techniques (no shooting action for these ones), APC action clip (something quick and simple), and staircase breaching up the first 1 or 2 floors before the floors with open doors on a Sahrani map apartment building. and a tank convoy clip and tank action

Only 5 people required in total.  1 fireteam of 4 for the video, and myself to film. 

This Thursday 7th  19:00 UTC +1 / 19:00 GMT +1.  Participants will be credited for participating in the videos.  Future clip scenarios will require up to 9 in total. 

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5th February 2019 21:28  

I hope I can be there, but its a big maybe

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