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1. To become  a part of the Jeager Company realism unit you need to sign up to our forum.

2. When you have signed up you can make an application to the unit.

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Jaeger Company is realism unit that adapts real military procedures into Arma 3 gameplay. We aim to have fun and tactical games with our community members and with other communities in the future. Definition of realism states: “Real world tactical gameplay in game, usually derived from actual military training doctrine. Outside of game little to no military courtesies.” As we aim to have fun, we do not use “yes sir”/”no sir” as this falls under “milsim”. We have a ranking structure in which higher-ranking members take leadership positions in missions. Higher ranking members also have more roles to choose from and can choose any role they are capable of playing. Respect is a crucial factor in our community and we respect everyone regardless of their rank (or any other personal aspect). Thus, we are always happy to receive constructive feedback and opinions.

Jaeger Company was founded at the end of October 2018 by random encounters in Arma 3 that got similar people together, they became friends as they had similar interests, and later they created the realism unit. Jaeger Company is specialized in Arma 3 and we have personnel with military experience. From the experience and our knowledge of Arma 3, we have adapted ranking structure, training and tactics to our gameplay. We think Arma 3 should be played with high-level teamwork and coordination with adapted military practices. To get the unit function as it should, we have a set of rules concerning behaving and gameplay.

Our gameplay includes a variety of mods that we use to enhance the gameplay experience. We acknowledge the limits of Arma 3 and the mods. Any suggestions for improvement are considered valuable as long as the criticism in constructive (involves possible, functional, solution).

We are always looking for keen new members to join our unit and our games. If a new member has any military experience and wants to adapt it to our training and gameplay, feel free to contact us. If you are interested, more information can be found on the tabs below. Welcome aboard!

Jaeger Company arranges weekly events, hosted on our dedicated server, our server runs different missions continuously for anyone to join and in the future we have plans to try PvP against other units. Training schedule is depended on recruitment rate but we have weekly training sessions to ensure every new member can join our games as soon as possible and have required skills and knowledge to enjoy playing with us. If any member has suggestions or has possibly made a mission that could be played in the community server, contact one of the admins, preferably someone who belongs under Arma 3 unit.

Mods required in an events are specified after you click the event.

To join the event or training, click the event from the calendar, click the tab next to your name, select the main role you want to play, select other roles you are interested if your main role is not available and save changes. The event in the calendar should be now visible with green outline.

Jaeger Company has adapted ranking structure and training. Ranks consists of some real world ranks: Recruit, Private, Private 1st Class, Corporal, Sergeant and Lieutenant. New ranks will be most likely added in the future along with the community growth. Mandatory training is divided into three sessions which take 1-3 hours per session to complete. Ranks and training structure are specified below.

When a new member joins the unit they will not receive a rank automatically. After the first training session, which includes, basic and 1/3rd of the combat training, new member is awarded as a rank recruit and can participate in the community events and games. This is the bare minimum to keep the gameplay enjoyable for everyone, as basic training includes, useful skills, knowledge and fireteam coordination, and also how to operate ACE and TFAR. To join the training, go to the events tab and follow instructions.

Requirements to apply for training:
Read general and Arma 3 rules, you also have to download the mods that we are using.

  1. Training session 1.
    1. Basic training
      1. Introduction
      2. TFAR and ACE
      3. Basic knowledge and training in different environments
    2. Combat training
      1. Exercise 1
      2. Exercise 2
      3. Exercise 3

Rank awarded: Recruit
Perks: Can join events and games.

  1. Training session 2.
    1. Combat training
      1. Exercise 4
      2. Exercise 5
      3. Exercise 6
      4. Exercise 7

Rank awarded: Private
Perks: Can attend to paratrooper, AT / AA, transport cars and stationary weaponry special trainings.

  1. Training session 3.
    1. Advanced combat training
      1. Larger scale training in different environments
      2. War simulation

Rank awarded: Private 1st Class
Perks: Fireteam leader, can attend to all special trainings.

After all the previous training sessions have been completed, you have full choice what special training you want to take. Special training consists of training to certain roles such as, pilot, sniper and leader. Leader training is where you can advance to higher ranks and other training qualify you to choose special roles in missions. Unlike leader training, all the other special training content depend on how much you have experience beforehand, for example, if you already know how to use scope adjustments of a sniper rifle and do not need instructions for it, you will be put straight to a test. Basically, what special training denotes is that you can learn to play with all assets of Arma 3.

Infantry training

  • Leader
    • Advance to higher ranks through this training
  • Sniper and spotter
  • Paratrooper
  • AT / AA
    • Lockable
    • Straight fire
  • Transport cars
    • HMG and GMG
    • Unarmed
  • Stationary
    • HMG
    • GMG

Vehicle training

  • Heli pilot
    • Multirole
    • Transport
    • Lift
    • Attack
  • Jet pilot
    • Multirole
    • CAS
    • Air superiority
  • VTOL pilot
    • Transport
    • Gunship
  • Tank
    • Battle
    • APC
    • AA
  • Indirect fire support
    • Mortar
    • Rocket artillery
    • Howitzer
  • UAV
    • Scouting UAV, small flying
    • Support / Attack UAV, flying or ground
  • Water vehicles
    • Boats
    • Submarine

Ranks allow you to take more responsible roles in missions. The higher rank you obtain and role you choose, the more responsibility you have in missions. High ranking members can also be head trainers. High rank does not limit your accessibility to roles on the contrary, you have more roles to choose from and can take even normal soldier role as fireteam member. However, doing this will not give you authority over others in the team even if your rank is higher than theirs. Roles define responsibilities, for example, sergeant can be fireteam member but is under command of fireteam leader. In this case fireteam leader has higher authority.

Very basic rank obtained after first training session. Can attend to games and events but has few roles to choose from. Fireteam member.

Capable member of Jaeger Company who has completed training sessions 1 and 2. Can attend training to certain special roles. Roles to choose from: fireteam member, paratrooper, AT / AA, transport cars and stationary weaponry.

Private 1st Class:
Has completed training sessions 1, 2 and 3. Can attend to all special training. Roles to choose from are the same as previous ranks, fireteam leader and special roles after qualifying training.

Corporal Student:
Private 1st class going going through leader training. In events rank is still private 1st class and roles are the same as private 1st class.

Private 1st Class that has gone through leader training, awarded role is squad leader and other roles to choose from are the same as previous ranks.

Experienced Corporal. This rank is achieved by attending events and proving yourself as Corporal. Proving yourself as Corporal denotes you lead fireteam well while using tactics and knowledge learned from training. Roles are same as all the previous ranks and platoon leader or 2nd in command. To maintain rank sergeant, a member must actively participate in training session 1 and training session 2 as a head trainer. Possibility can become an admin if the member wants to help and maintain the community.

For now this is the highest rank achievable. Can play every role and special roles after qualifying training. To obtain this rank you must attend to events and know how to train all special trainings. Lieutenants must participate actively in training session 2 and 3 as head trainer and sometimes they might be asked to be a head trainer in the special training. Possibility to become admin if member wants to help and maintain community.

Lieutenant and Sergeant
Act as platoon leader and 2nd in command
(Can also be two lieutenants or two sergeants)

Platoon consists of three corporals each leading one squad

Private 1st Class
Two or three, each leading fireteam

Two in each fireteam
Can also be assigned to certain special roles

Basic fireteam member

With this setup the platoon structure looks like this: 1+1+3+(2*3)+(2*3*3) = 29.

While 29 is a large amount of players and events might not always be able to obtain full platoon of players, structure can be used in smaller pieces with squads and fireteams.

Missions also might need pilots and smaller special squads that are not included in the platoon structure. Special squads are assembled according to mission.

Administrator Team